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Once you've decided on a boat you want to book, take contact with us at Bohuscharter. We will then send you the following documents.

  1. Booking Confirmation
    With this accompanied by a payment slip to the bank giro. This avi will then be paid within five (5) business days after booking. Booking confirmation is not sent out to all bookings without following documents may be to you directly instead. When booking amount is paid shortly following documents with you.
  2. Lease
    You get 2 leases. Are they not signed, do it and send to the boat owner. If the leases are signed so you just send one to the boat owner.
  3. Crew List
    For this you must fill in your herd during the rental period, and state what your skills and, at the rental of large boats, including references. The Crew List shall be returned carefully filled with the lease.
  4. Voucher
    In this document, you have the essential details of your rental period, on a boat, times and contacts.
  5. Invoices
    You will receive invoices that you can more easily see when you must pay money to the boat owner. All information on due dates, boat hire and payment instructions are on the invoices.
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